About Yu Chi Man

YU Chi Man Tiffany (余智敏) is a Hong Kong based artist, who has passion over the field of documentary and video art, theatre video design and curatorial practice. She attained a bachelor degree in the School of Creative Media, major in Critical Intermedia, City University of Hong Kong. YU also developed her another field of profession in social media marketing and production as she joined an advertising holding company after graduation. In 2013, her first documentary video “Fung Moon Kee: Making You Mine” 《小號大造馮滿記》was selected to the 2nd Phoenix Documentary Video Award. YU is now an independent arts practitioner and a passionate yogi while attaching to this online space to share her views and thoughts over society and living.

Latest work

Theatre Video Design:

2013 October – “Special Delivery: Politely Intractable” 《空凳上的書簡》Mobius Strip Theatre, Taipei

Ethnographic Documentary:

2013 August – “Fung Moon Kee: Making You Mine” 《小號大造馮滿記》22 Minutes, Cantonese, Hong Kong & Singapore



Finalist – The 2nd Phoenix Documentary Video Award, Beijing, China


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