Man Machine Interactive: Reality Portal (by i for interactive)

How far apart are virtual and real ?
If we can teleport you by scanning and reconstructing you from one location to another, is the new you real or only a replica ? How about an existence in virtual realm ?
This is an interactive experiment, with latest available immersive technology, to re-create us in virtual world. We make use of 3D scanning software with Kinect, a stereo head-mount display, and a hand gesture camera.
We discovered a way to do 3D scanning, so we can have a clear and sharp head scan, while maintaining the range to scan the whole body. The result is loaded into a game engine for play.
A couple of pre-release vision and hand gesture device is used to help on the immersive experience.
In addition, we model the room we were working, hopefully it would be even closer to our daily experience.
After all, this is a nice and fun work to share.

Author: i for interactive (William Wong, Chung Ho, Ivan Cheung)
Director/Camera/Editing: Tiffany Yu
Animation: provided by i for interactive
Music: “ICY” by VIrtual Flannel
Specials Thanks to Noiseless Design for venue


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