Expresii demo@SIGGRAPH Asia 2013

Nelson Chu appeared in this year’s SIGGRAPH Asia 2013, demonstrating Expresii – a digital watercolour painting platform at the CGV Visual booth during 20th-22nd November during 2-5pm at The Hong Kong Exhibition and Conventional Centre. My pleasure to be part of the team, producing the video. Thanks to Nelson Chu and William Wong. “Nelson Chu,…


周峰說:「一步步成長,有人殺死了我,我也在殺之前的自己。」 搭順風車及作沙發客遊中國的八十後國內青年周峰,繼上次在匯豐總行參與佔領中環,再次作客分享這段時間,面對公路上千千萬萬的車輛駛過,未知的人和事,各個土地上的故事,倒個來成為一面怎樣的鏡子,在他面前把周峰殺掉。